Learn More About Gorillas

Gorillas are beautiful and majestic creatures. Unfortunately, they are on the endangered animal list, with three of the four species on the critically endangered list. If we don't take action today, they may fail to live in the wild and zoos and reserves may be the only places where we will be able to see these animals.
One of the best things that we can do to help these creatures is learn about them. Learning about the different species of gorillas, what characteristics they pose, what they eat and how they live can provide us with insight. This insight can help us all to take action and help these animals.
Another way that we can help these animals is to understand why their numbers are declining. Three main reasons include poaching, habitat destruction and illness. By learning what is killing them, we can take action to stop, change or prevent that. By doing that, we can stop the decline of their numbers, and from there, work to slowly build them back up.

The last thing we can to do help gorillas is to take action. Donating and supporting organizations funding the conservation efforts, supporting local tourism, and spreading the word about these beautiful animals can go a long way. The more people that take action, the better the survival rates for these animals may be.
It may seem like a lot of work, but if everyone took the time to do one small thing to save gorillas, these animals may come off the endangered list and thrive in the wild.

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